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We Work for You

The PUB considers the public interest when setting rates.


Serving Manitobans

The PUB has broad oversight and supervisory powers over public utilities and designated monopolies.

Fair Rates

Rates have to increase over time. The reviews proposed rates to determine if they are just and reasonable.

Electricity Rates

The PUB's mandate is to balance the interests of ratepayers with the financial health of Manitoba Hydro.

MPI Rates

Did you know the PUB also regulates MPI's basic rates for car insurance?




Restrictions are in place on Manitoba government advertising and publishing, including social media. For up-to-date information about government programs and services, contact Manitoba Government Inquiry at 204-945-3744 or mgi@gov.mb.ca
For up-to-date information about all Applications before the Board including Manitoba Public Insurance 2020 General Rate Application (scheduled to be filed on June 20, 2019), Centra Gas Manitoba Inc. 2019/20 General Rate Application and all Water and Wastewater Applications, please contact Public Utilities Board at 204-945-2638 or publicutilities@gov.mb.ca.

Click here for the live streaming of PUB Hearings.
Please check the regulatory calendar for the schedule of hearings.